K Minus 1 Day

Tomorrow is The Big First Day of Kindergarten, and May seems basically calm and confident about it. We met her teacher the other day, and May was characteristically shy but did all the letter- and number- and color- identifying that the teacher’s little “assessment” required, then talked enthusiastically about it afterwards.

She was asked to fill out a little sheet about herself: Here is a picture of me. Here’s what I like to do. Here’s what I don’t like to do. I helped her work on it and it took ages to come up with something she doesn’t like to do. Cut her fingernails? No. I don’t even cry anymore. Take a bath? I like taking a bath. I want to be clean for my first day of kindergarten! Pick up toys? I like picking up toys. We finally settled on wearing jeans. They are uncomfortable, you know, and are a pain if you’re less than confident with snaps and buttons.

What a classic, sunny 5 outlook, though. More or less everything is this way, these days. She is one to feel the stress of transition after it happens rather than worry about it before, though, so we are prepared for some rocky times (nightmares, wacky behavior, etc.) But at this moment she seems sort of thrilled about this big new thing.

Unlike pretty much every other parent I’ve heard talk about the start of kindergarten, I am not especially teary. I’m proud of her, and excited for her, and a little nervous about how hard the change will be to a new, big school with all kinds of new things to do. Mostly, I keep thinking of all the fun things that are ahead of her and how much she’s about to learn.

Fingers crossed.


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