Milestones, Changes, Beginnings…

Today I am hanging out at home with two under-school-aged children for the last time. Tomorrow I work; the next day we leave for 10 days’ vacation with my family; after that kindergarten starts and life gets whirled up into something completely different.

Today also marks the more or less anniversary of the beginning of my pregnancy with May. Which means I have now been pregnant, lactating, or both, continuously for six years. (Though not much lactating these days.)

Also, new and exciting writing developments are afoot and as a result I am about as optimistic and excited as I’ve ever been about the coming of fall and winter. Wheee!


4 thoughts on “Milestones, Changes, Beginnings…

  1. You are a year ahead of me. I have been pregnant and/or nursing for a little over 5 years. Exhausting, isn’t it?

  2. I just past my four years pregnant or nursing mark. I haven’t figured out how to explain the significance of the length of time to Hubby, particularly since I like nursing (usually) and we split night time duties.

    I will probably make it to about the 5.5 year mark and then wean the youngest. She’ll be about 2. That’s the plan. We’ll see what actually happens. I know I’ll be sad to finish nursing, since I don’t plan to have any more babies.

    I am only a couple of months away from the wind down on pumping at work. And THAT I am looking forward to. Mostly. Except for in the sense that it marks how big my baby is now!

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