Every Single Day, Reprise

Do you know what, my friends?

Fifteen minutes is a long damn time.

In fifteen minutes, I can write infinitely more than I can write in zero minutes.

It also turns out that fifteen minutes feels much, much longer than zero minutes. I think I’m pretty deeply habituated to the kind of useless multitasking that all the journalists are chirping about lately. The first few times I did the fifteen minute practice again, I peeked at the timer after what seemed like an intense, long period of concentration, and found out that an entire minute and a half had elapsed. Evidence that I need this practice even more than I thought.

I’m toying with the idea of a media fast of some sort, too. Years ago, in my lithe and focused mid-twenties, I started reading The Artist’s Way. I was all about the morning pages, but when I got to the chapter requiring a fast from media (specifically reading, if I remember right) it started to seem like quackery, and I quit.

I think now that back then, without so much internet, I hadn’t yet begun to abuse reading to the point where I needed to press the reset button. Right now, I’m pretty convinced I need a break.

We’re going canoeing for three days in a couple of weeks. That’ll be a good start.

Meanwhile, in the hottest, most humid week of the year, I’m grateful for my sweet, cool basement writing space and for the will to stay there.


One thought on “Every Single Day, Reprise

  1. ah-the idea of a media fast is so intriguing. Especially as I sit here reading blogs and facebook while I am supposed to be using this very limited work time I have to finish developing my class this fall! Arrgh. Media fast. Hmmm.

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