Fortunately I am Full of Answers

Questions fielded this weekend:

  1. How do you keep from having a baby?
  2. But how?
  3. Don’t you think it’s much better to be a boy, since they don’t have to wipe every time?
  4. Why are you glad to be a girl?
  5. All kinds of cool things like what?
  6. What else, besides having a baby?
  7. What else, besides nursing a baby?
  8. That’s it?
  9. What if you didn’t wipe after you peed?
  10. Do you know anybody who’s died?
  11. How did he die?
  12. What’s a tumor?
  13. What’s cancer?
  14. How does it make your body stop working?
  15. What does it look like?
  16. How old was he?
  17. Who else do you know who died?
  18. How did she die?
  19. What other kind of cancer?
  20. How old was she?
  21. Who else?
  22. How did he die?
  23. What kind of a car accident?
  24. How old was he?
  25. How come the car accident made him die?
  26. Where did he die?
  27. Who else?
  28. No one else?
  29. Can you tell that story again about how great grandpa died?
  30. If you were a baby and Grammy S and Grampa D took care of you, where were May and August and Daddy?

5 thoughts on “Fortunately I am Full of Answers

  1. Great list. We’ve been fielding some questions about “when mama and daddy mated”. Ahem. And why this evolution thing that keeps coming up is nothing like the bible storybooks (something I’m wanting to set straight right quick before it becomes even more complicated–and there are exactly zero truly straightforward age-appropriate books on that subject for some reason). We’ve been talking a lot about metaphors, consequently, and what “science” is and what myths are. All while trying to make it clear that we actually do believe in all that God and Jesus stuff from the New Testament. Tricky, tricky stuff, but also awesome. Ollie keeps saying “the world is very, very complicated”, which somehow makes me a little sad.

  2. Oh god. I’m so not ready for this… I’m having a hard enough time with the long list of easy questions my three year old asks (“why is Elmo hanging up? Why does he need to dry off? What is mold?….”)

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