This June: On Balance, Pretty Good

What I’m Not Doing

Writing the super brilliant blog that I discovered today is written by my most admired colleague from the grad program I dropped out of.

Writing any poems at all.

Running much.

Any housework beyond dishes, laundry, the occasional emergency vacuuming, and swishing out the toilet bowl when the kids point out that it looks icky.

What I’m Doing

Inviting lots of friends & family over for dinner, then letting them do most of the work.

Finally trellising up the tomato plants, now that they’re a three-foot-high tangle.

In the sleepy hour before bed, getting addicted to Glee and knitting a shawl.

Being patient and playful when I’m tempted to be grumpy and mean.

Enjoying my daughters.


4 thoughts on “This June: On Balance, Pretty Good

  1. Hahaha. I am totally with you on the housework stuff. EXACTLY to a T. Except I occasionally pull out the Bissell Little Green when Mimi reports that Frank peed on the floor.

    Glad you have your sleepy hour!

  2. Life is too short to feel bad about housework!

    You may not be writing your friend’s blog, but you’re writing your own blog, and I think it is pretty darn good.

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