Paean, Cont’d

The other thing is, last week a coworker of mine pointed out something:

We get so wrapped up in what people say and do, and take it at face value, as a real reaction to that moment. We take it so personally. And yet almost everyone is responding not just to you, not just to what you’ve just said, but to any other hurt or anger or emotion of any kind that you might have touched on, or maybe something with no traceable connection to that moment, but just something that person is steeping in.

Yowza. Really? As a dabbler in Buddhism, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how my emotions do or (more usually) don’t connect to the reality of the present moment, but for some reason I hadn’t taken the time to tangle myself in the thought that everyone is more or less as complicated.

It’s sort of a miracle that, beyond the cooperation needed for physical survival, any of us understands each other at all, let alone gives and takes any kind of love.


One thought on “Paean, Cont’d

  1. That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, by Ellen Gilchrist: “I cannot get you close enough, I said to him, pitiful as a child, and never can and never will. We cannot get from anyone else the things we need to fill the endless terrible need, not to dissolve, not to sink back into sand, heat, broom, air, thinnest air. And so we revolve around each other and our dreams collide. It is embarrassing that it should be so hard. Look out the window in any weather. We are part of all that glamour, drama, change, and should not be ashamed.”

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