Ohmygod, what is it with MAY?

I am woooorn out. Crazed enough to think my kids are being spoiled little twerps 90% of the time, yet mercifully sane enough to recognize that it’s really just me. Me being tired, me being cranky, me with an injured knee so I haven’t run in a month. Me with not enough rest so that I’ve been spending my evenings watching awful junk TV shows rather than getting up the energy to do anything rejuvenating (i.e. writing). Me still not having planted beans or kept up with burying the potato plants. Poor, poor, poor me.


I will be trying to restore the balance over the next few weeks here. A will return today from a week-long trip; Saturday we are going camping with friends, which I have been looking forward to but still (what with the packing of the stuff and the corralling of the children and the perhaps not perfect sleep and the Maaamaaa? Maamaaaa?) may not be completely restful. Then we’ve got two more days before A leaves for another three, and then a few more before he goes to, I kid you not, an island in the Pacific for a month. (Who would you say made the better career choices, here?) Before that happens, I will aim to sleep, run (wearing a knee brace that makes me feel like an overstuffed breakfast sausage), write, plant beans, and generally recuperate from May until I’m perky and bright again.

Galloping Cat has inspired me again about posting more and telling the little stories as they happen, so maybe you’ll be seeing more of me, too. Less whiny, I promise.


2 thoughts on “Spent

  1. Wow, you’re a superhero! But those slow summer days that you wrote about with great inspiration the last couple years are just around the corner.

    But a month? Yikes!

    I’ve gotten really sucked into tv, too, lately, because it’s so easy when you’ve been teaching small people important life lessons all day.

    When things get really rough around here, we break out a balloon and try not to let it touch the ground. It’s our great distractor. Hope it looks up for you soon and you enjoy the camping trip, and the kids are so busy playing they don’t interrupt your fun grownup time with barrages of questions and needs.

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