Changes Coming

I am continually surprised (perhaps because I don’t catch on so quickly) by how our family’s schedule keeps changing. I am heavily reliant on daily and weekly patterns for my own sanity and happiness, and it’s a little stunning the number of really different patterns we’ve had in the last five years … shaped by newborn life, nap schedules, maternity leave, returning to work, day care changes, activity schedules. Hooray for us, for more or less rolling with it all!

And now we are about to enter the world of school. We found out last week which kindergarten May will be attending (although we don’t know yet whether it will be full day or half day), and I’m trying to get my mind around not only the idea of my BABY going to SCHOOL but also the change in the shape of our days that’s going to come this fall, and what it’s going to mean for all of us.

We’ll be (most likely) getting up much earlier than usual, as anything but “afternoon” kindergarten requires a 7:30 a.m. (!) start at this wonderful school. We’ll be walking May to the bus stop. We’ll be dropping August off at her (no half-day option) “school.” And then, somehow, my work days will have to be a little bit different. We’ll have some after school care for May, which we have to figure out and decide on, but I don’t like the idea of adding more than a few extra hours onto her day away from home, at least to start with, so I’ll be trying to work more days, but shorter, or something. And then there’s the question of “enrichment” activities, which May seems more and more ready to handle on her own (as opposed to screaming her head off when I try to leave her with the swimming teacher, for example) and when those will take place, and how.

It’s a happy time, and May’s excited about kindergarten, but WOW, I’m having a hard time picturing how things are going to feel with our lives stirred around in that way. I’m glad I have the spring and summer, still, to relish how things are right now: two days a week at home with both my girls, a day care/preschool we know and love, and (usually) the privilege of sleeping in until 6:45.


4 thoughts on “Changes Coming

  1. 7:30! School!

    We’ve turned rather schedule-less of late. In the fall both my girl and I will start some sort of schooling, so I guess we’ll have to stop wearing PJs all day. It’ll be too bad. Sometimes it’s nice just hanging out.

  2. We have it easeier because, with the baby, we will still have a FT nanny. But doesn’t stop me from wondering/worrying about when SHE’S in kindergarten!

  3. The switch from day care to school is still a couple of years off for us. But it scares me, for just this reason- the scheduling nightmare. I know we’ll figure it out, but I suspect it won’t be a painless transition.

    Good luck with find your new routine!

  4. I found that kindergarten turned our lives upside down. Before that, when she was in daycare, everything was hunky dory easy. Even full-day elementary school is not nearly as long a day as daycare. Good luck.

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