Sleep Deprivation

I can only, assume that, like me, you are a devoted fan of Radio Lab with an enormous crush on Jad Abumrad. Right? I listen to it while I run, and lately I have found myself believing that I will eventually hit some critical number of “episodes heard” and arrive at a complete, seamless understanding of the human experience. In the meantime, it is darn enjoyable.

Anyway, have you heard this segment? It’s about as spot-on a portrayal as I can imagine of the sleep deprivation of new parents (or parents of 18-month-olds who still don’t sleep, as the case may be). I almost busted out crying right there on the track at the Y. If you’ve ever googled “so tired I want to die” or “does sleep deprivation cause insanity?” and can handle a brief trip back into that world, check it out.


2 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation

  1. I’ve had various issues with my little girl, but for the most part, sleep hasn’t been one of them. Thank goodness, because I love to sleep. šŸ™‚

    So you are running indoors, then? Because when you said you were running, I was thinking how hardcore you were, because I was picturing you in like five coats jumping over snowbanks.

    1. I *used* to do that, complete with bounding over snow berms. I’d run home from work (when I worked in Mpls and lived in St. Paul), carrying my work clothes in a little backpack. I had no idea how hard core I was. People would express amazement, and I’d be like, eh. Now I’m a wimp about cold, and besides the Y has free child care.

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