InSoWriMo, Week 2

Sonnet for My Husband Upon Losing My Keys Again,
And This Time They Are Really, Really, Really Lost

I know you never, ever lose your keys.
I’m grateful for your help when I’ve lost mine.
I’m sorry that I’m not the type to leave
them in the same place every single time.
I know this happens more than once a week:
before I leave, I’ve got to find my warm
wool sock, my favorite glasses, or my book,
and while I search, I raise a loud alarm.
You’re game, and usually find it on the desk
or underneath the couch, or somewhere else
a woman more collected might have guessed.
Today, to no avail—you are the best
You sifted through the snow from last night’s storm.
I’m telling you, this time they’re really gone.


3 thoughts on “InSoWriMo, Week 2

  1. This is fantastic. 🙂

    My husband has your problem. I have to say I am very tired of looking for his stuff that he claims I’ve moved when it always ends up in his car or whatever. Or little girl has put it somewhere. Maybe ask the children? Sometimes my little girl surprisingly tells us where stuff is.

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