How many months until it’s my turn with those novels, I wonder? On the other hand, My Body is Private should be in my hands within days.

I appreciate your ruminations on the poem feedback. I suspect that “needs more unfolding” is shorthand for “don’t know what the hell you are talking about” or “too shallow.” Either way, the poem in question feels about as done as I can make it, so I guess it’s just something to put into the mental compost pile for next time. Maybe someone who likes more “folded up” poems will appreciate this one and decide to publish it.

The girls were chickens for Halloween and adorable. August spent the evening in a state of disbelief. Before we headed out, she kept asking, “Why do I have this bucket?” I assume she couldn’t believe we were serious when we kept answering, “We are going to go and knock on our neighbors’ doors and they are going to put candy in that bucket.” It happened, though: lots of candy. Major sugar high, minor crash at the end. Mmm, festivals.


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