Pigs Fly

I am mostly well, May is well but still a little draggy and cranky, and A and August are still well. I believe that maybe August has been protected by my antibodies since she still nurses a few times a day. Is that even possible? And if so, might I have a marketable commodity here, what with the H1N1 vaccine shortage? (This doesn’t explain why A hasn’t succumbed, though. He is not drinking my milk. That I know of.)

I said “mostly well” because the misery that spent the week seething through my body has settled into a dime-sized spot an inch behind my left cheek, so I’m thinking I must have a sinus infection.

I’m hesitating about going to the doctor, though, because since starting at a new clinic this summer I’ve been in for two appointments: 1) to establish care and to check out what I believed might be head cancer but was not and 2) to have them listen to my lungs last week for feared pneumonia, which wasn’t there. I don’t really want to be that lady with all the fake illnesses, and sinus infections are so nebulous, it seems like a gamble to go in and try to convince them that I do actually know when something is wrong.

Also, I have seen two doctors there. One was 21 years old and nervous. The other was 21 years old and looked like a 21-year-old George Clooney and had a fetching Eastern European accent. This was at the initial check-up and head cancer appointment. The guy asked me whether I’d had a pap smear, and I flashed into a minor panic. “Yes! Yep, all set with pap smears, thanks! My oldunattractivefemaleOBGYN takes care of those. Really! All set!”

So I realize diagnosing a sinus infection wouldn’t mean George Clooney having to rummage around my bits, but I’m still not thrilled about going in to visit with either of those nice young men again. I’ll give it a few days and see if my head starts to feel symmetrical again, and in the meantime try to find a GP who is female and/or over 40.


5 thoughts on “Pigs Fly

  1. I swear by the penis snot pot. Well, I use the neilmed flushing bottle, but still. Everyone swears by the netipot. What sweet, sweet relief.

    Glad that August and A have fared so well. Illness is always a tough spot for us and you sound like you’re doing great. Thanks again. Hope George Clooney likes your mucous.

  2. They won’t usually do anything for a sinus infection until you’ve had the symptoms for a week, anyway.

    Try Mucinex- its now available over the counter and does a pretty good job on congestion. Its safe while breastfeeding, too.

    Yes, I get a lot of sinus infections.

  3. Our family doc won’t give out ab’s until you’ve had sinus symptoms for at least ten days. I second the Mucinex – it’s kind of pricey, but much less drying than Sudafed, and sometimes just having less snot for a few days (through using a decongestant) will clear up a minor sinus infection. Also the neti pot.

    I wouldn’t be shocked if your antibodies helped August. How awesome. And glad to know you and A haven’t taken any “emergency measures” to protect him.

    A former ECFE connection invited me (and a lot of other people) over for a “flu exposure” from her sick child, by the way. Turned her down, so good to know I can just send my boys your way for a nurse instead. 😉

    1. There was a ridiculous story on NPR about “swine flu parties” this morning. The CDC guy was a total stuffed shirt, and the best argument he gave against them was, “There are a lot of viruses around that are similar to the flu, and you don’t know if you’re actually getting H1N1 or something else.” He also stressed several times that “we don’t know if anyone is actually holding these gatherings; these may just be rumors we’re hearing.” I was annoyed with his clueless cover-your-ass approach to the topic. Weird as that was, I am adamantly anti-flu-party. I get that people are concerned about over-vaccination, but it boggles my mind that anyone would try to catch this on purpose, and even more so that people who are sick with it will intentionally pass it along, particularly to children.

      RE: sinus symptoms. I have had sinus stuff going on since the first of October! Even pre-flu, I had a cold that had been dragging on for weeks, snot and all. Thanks for the Mucinex recommendation, Cloud & Emmie. I may try it…but probably should have done that back when I was genuinely full of snot … now I can actually breathe through my nose, it just feels like there’s a painful marble lodged somewhere behind my cheekbone…

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