Sick, Day 5

Fifth day in a row of utter exhaustion. I am renewed in my belief that the pig is a filthy animal and may begin to boycott pork. Except bacon. Blargh. I have no severe symptoms (no fever, slight cough, stuffy nose) but can I do so much as put away a basket of laundry without needing to lie down for the rest of the morning? Nope. I can knit, though, and read. May is better, mostly (no fever since yesterday, and cheery). A and August are still well. Very, very glad A is able to stay home and entertain the energetic August while I languish on the couch.


4 thoughts on “Sick, Day 5

  1. Ugh. Gatito and Tata and I all got our shots at the peds today. They won’t do A unless accompanied by a child so not sure what to do about that. We’ve got to do it to protect Baby Ella.

  2. I’ve been hearing that a lot- that the exhaustion is intense. Glad you’re on the mend and that A can be home. Ollie gets his shot Friday, and if we can avoid it until the middle of next week when that kicks in, I will be SO relieved. Off to nebulize him because he has a simple cold…

  3. I hope your exhaustion lifts soon. That sounds very frustrating.

    Pumpkin’s had her first dose of H1N1 FluMist- which was all that was available here (so far). She’s due for the second dose in a couple of weeks. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll avoid infection. We still haven’t heard when Hubby and I can get vaccinated- we’re priority because we have a newborn. But no one has the adult vaccine….

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