The teacher of a class I took this summer (she taught me to go into a trance. Did I tell you about this?) had this to say about motivation and writing. (Go read it. Especially writers. Really).

I don’t know who those two overly made-up ladies are who supposedly have each other’s backs, but this idea about the power of being visible and accountable as a writer is intriguing. I’ve commited to fifteen minutes every single evening in my basement cave writing studio (and I’ve been doing it for three-ish weeks now) (!!!) but I’m thinking more now about who supports me in this from the outside, because it’s going to take more than my personal superpowers of will and concentration to keep it up. Who are my bosses? Myself, for better or worse. My writing group. A. Teachers of writing classes, when I’m taking them.

Who are your bosses in the things you want to do? Who are our bosses as parents? What can we do, I wonder, to train these people in?


3 thoughts on “Boss

  1. Ugh, don’t make me think of bosses. I am behind on a work project! But we’re always motivated to do the stuff that comes easily or is passive. Or maybe that’s just me?

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