Even Closer to Nature

You’re not a real mother until you’ve experienced the wonder of sprouting seeds in your scrub brush.

And also the miracle of whatever those crusty things are.


2 thoughts on “Even Closer to Nature

  1. OK: I recently had fruit flies in my CAR. From a banana peel that went missing under the seat, or at least, it would’ve been missing if I’d noticed anything other than the flies. But nothing has ever sprouted in there besides maybe a little mold. Your green thumb and your inner sloth are getting it on.
    FWIW – the re-subbing worked, but you should know that the “bad” feed is the feed link that comes up when you just sub thru the Bloglines sub link–I know, because I already tried re-subbing that way, and it wouldn’t let me, telling me that I’m actually already subbed to that page. That feed has 9 subscribers. The one you pointed to in this post has 2 subscribers, but works. I think the evil Bloglines techies are trying to compromise your sanity for some nefarious, yet highly secret purpose.

  2. Hehe…by the amount of peas on my floor, I feel like we’re close to harvest as well. Is it bad that Vivien will hunt for left over, fallen, dried and hard peas when in need of a snack, and will look at me and simply say “mmm, tasty” as she crunches on her prize?

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