Recent Realizations

I’ve been meaning to get around to saying something more expansive and reasoned about those things, but haven’t, so here they are unadorned:

1. This parenting thing? Is not new anymore. FOUR AND A HALF YEARS, ALMOST. I can no longer claim to be adjusting to something new.

2. Also, related: Parenting is not that much different from the rest of life. Well, there is the human turd on the kitchen floor and the small people relying on me for their every physical and emotional need. But other than that, the big things that are hard, easy, and otherwise about being a mom, it turns out, are not that much different than what’s ditto about being a regular old non-parent human being.

Also, did you know that BrooklynGirl is back? And that she’s already said smart and compelling things about Jodi Picoult that I’ve been thinking about but not writing about?


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