Oh good. You’re here.

Thanks for coming.

Take a look around.

It’s just like the New York Times, isn’t it?

I shaved down the blogroll quite a bit, and I’m thinking I’ll rotate it from time to time. The handful on the list right now are people I know in real life, near or far. There are a few blogs you probably don’t run across in your usual mama travels, and I bet you’ll like them. So go see.

And the matter of pseudonyms. I got a little weirded out when I realized that if you googled my daughters’ names, my blog came up. So let’s call the girls May (the eldest) and August (the youngest). Ok? The archives are still here with their real names, and I’m too lazy to replace all of them and too [something] to delete them. I’ll solve that problem eventually, but at least the newer stuff will be less baldly revealing.

Although that is August up there with her toes in the trees.  

Really, thanks a lot for clicking through. I hope you stick around and don’t lose track of me just because I’ve got a new address.


6 thoughts on “Oh good. You’re here.

  1. Awesome! (Don’t worry if it takes everyone a while to move over –it took a few weeks when I made the move.) Back-to-back un-introvert-friendly busy-ness is guaranteed to drive me batshit insane, so I hear you. Also on the laundry. We should trade cubic yards; at least I’d get a peek at your family’s skivvies, which would make it slightly more interesting than folding my own. And you could perform some sort of redheaded wizardry and make our socks match.

    1. Maybe “bat shit crazy”? I did set the acceptable comment rating to “R” (though not “X”. Glad to see your f-bomb got through ok.

  2. And WordPress is clearly inferior, because it refuses to recognize “batshit” as a word. Which it so fucking is. (It does recognize “fucking”, though not, interestingly enough, “WordPress”.)

  3. Great design on the new site! I love that photo – that’s a hard shape to fit an image in to. And thanks for the blog roll link. I hope your peeps make it over to my page some time.

  4. I loveyour new site I too have been considering “switching over to the other side” (infrequent blogger though I am) but WP scares me a little-I’ve tried a few things, get frustrated and think maybe I”m not technical enough. I always wind up back in bloggerville where everything is familiar. So let me know how it’s working for you. BTW my computer crashed and I no longer have your email address. (sigh)

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