Brag and Plug: Because I Love Her

Long ago, back when I feared I might never have any children, I wrote a poem. I’ve written a medium-sized pile of poems in the five—no, wait, six! God!—years since then, but this is still one of my favorites.

I’d never published a poem, or even tried to, but late one night when Ingrid was just a little chunky thing, I saw that Shannon had published an essay in an online journal called Literary Mama. (If you haven’t checked out Literary Mama, do. It’s fabulous.) Reading Shannon’s essay, I was both impressed (as always) with her smarts and a tiny bit jealous. I want my writing to go somewhere good like that, I thought. And, on impulse, half-asleep, I sent them that favorite poem.

And then I forgot about it for maybe nine months or so, until one day I got an email from the very kind poetry editor asking if the poem was still available. It was, and they published it, and I felt famous and thrilled for a while and then forgot about it.

Until last summer, when I received an email from Nicki Richesin, who was putting the finishing touches on an anthology of essays about mother-daughter relationships. She wanted to know if she could use a big chunk of my poem as an epigraph to one of the essays. Ooooh, was I tickled.

The book, Because I Love Her, was released today, and I’m telling you about it not only because I’m so unaccountably thrilled to be in print, on paper, in a book, in such good company, but also because, hey: easy Mothers’ Day gift idea. Buy one for your mama, and as a bonus you can peek through at the epigraphs before you wrap it and try to guess which one is mine.


4 thoughts on “Brag and Plug: Because I Love Her

  1. WOW! That is a fantastic achievement ;-). Soon you’ll have to start removing all self doubt and accept that you’re on a path to great things 🙂


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