Foaming Tomato

I guess another thing I learned about gardening this year was to harvest the green tomatoes a bit earlier. These came in after it had gotten way too cold, and I noticed last night that one had started to spew foam.

I would love to be able to post a photo of how beautiful this would be after another week on the kitchen counter, but A insisted we throw it in the compost last night. Sheesh. Some people and their neat freak tendencies…


One thought on “Foaming Tomato

  1. OK, people, I know A’s real name, and it isn’t Anal. Truth be told, the man’s a real saint… 😉

    This was the first year I picked all the green tomatoes before the first light frost threatened, and I must say, it worked out very well. They just stop ripening in the cold after a while, and they start to get more and more pock-marked and potentially rotten. We had a coupla foamy ones too, though, and one way in the back that we didn’t notice had totally rotted. I came home one day, and the whole house stank of it.

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