Linda (with bonus glimpse of mildewed shower curtain)

This is exactly what people mean when they say blogging will cause your kids trauma and embarrassment. But I can’t resist. I have worked very hard to word this in a way that won’t attract scurrilous googlers:

This is my eldest’s number one favorite implement for bathtub self-exploration.

Obviously, the girl is a genius.


5 thoughts on “Linda (with bonus glimpse of mildewed shower curtain)

  1. Mine will back up on her tummy to the running water in the tub. My husband was baffled the first time she did it but I wasn’t!

  2. Ah – “self-exploration”. Good euphemism. We are seeing rather a lot of that too right now, along with fla*shing in public and general potty talk. It’s like puberty-lite over here, for G*d’s sake, only with no manners or boundaries. I regularly find myself saying, “you can do, um, whatever-the-heck-that-is-and-doesn’t-that-hurt??? in your bedroom when you are by yourself”. I like to think if myself as open-minded and body positive, but wow. I was not prepared for this. And no, O, I am not going to show you where you came out of my tummy.

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