Like Jeopardy, but without the cash.

I’ve got seven posts in my head but none written. Maybe I can get to one this week. Which do you think you want to read?

Inside Jokes
Turning Pro
Slow Spring
Coming Clean
Again With the Baby Squishing


3 thoughts on “Like Jeopardy, but without the cash.

  1. I’m up for a little baby squishing myself! And thanks for your comment over at my place… I’m sort of in a holding pattern waiting for word of the “ending” of my little return-to-work tale.

  2. Is “baby squishing” about a just-3-year-old making a sport out of lying on her sister, growling at her sister, sinking an elbow into her sister, and just generally flattening her sister any way possible? Because that is what’s happening at my house, and I would like to read about it.

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