Further Evidence of My Rich Fantasy Life


April 29 (MINNE@P*LIS)—A thirty four year old mother of two was held for questioning this afternoon after a neighbor witnessed her allegedly removing evergreen wreaths from four houses near her home on the xxxx block of xx Avenue South, then using them to build a bon fire on the sidewalk.

The neighbor, who called the police at around 1 p.m., recalled, “She looked real calm, but real determined. She was carrying her baby, and the little girl was following after her.”

“It’s almost May!” the woman was heard to yell as police escorted her away from the blazing wreaths. “It’s time to move on!”

The woman, whom the police report identified only as “caro,” could not be reached for comment. Her husband was reluctant to speak to reporters but noted that, since mid-February, his wife had frequently “ranted” about the continued presence of the wreaths. “It’s been a long winter,” he observed. “It could be that the snow this past weekend put her over the edge.”


3 thoughts on “Further Evidence of My Rich Fantasy Life

  1. Hee. What is it with Min%esota? I have a neighbor who has his Halloween decorations up at the same time as his Christmas decorations every year. Then he takes down Halloween and lets Christmas morph into Easter. Easter is then good till maybe May or June. Seriously. Maybe you should send them a Christmas card and see if they get the hint? You could get one of those picture cards, maybe of your whole family in shorts in front of a budding tree, bottle of sunscreen beside you.

  2. Thanks for the laugh!! AND for both helping me be thankful that I live in Michigan, where we haven’t seen snow in… well, a couple weeks anyway, and pointing out that even if it’s sunnier in Minnesota, I probably don’t want to live there, either. 🙂

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