Sestina Striped Bag

Here it is, stuffed with newspaper and almost dry. I might still take a razor to it to make it less hairy.

The deal with the stripes is, they are in the same order as the end words of sestina lines would be. I told you: geeky. I only got through about three and a half stanzas, but there it is. Weirdly, I feel like I understand better how a sestina works now that I’ve stitched out the pattern and seen it in yarn. Cross-training, right? Because I haven’t written a poem in ages.

I am ready for winter to be over. I am also ready for my kids to grow up and move out of the house. I hope one or the other happens soon. Iris is teething or something and not sleeping. I’m out of fun ideas and am the most boring parent in the world. And “yell, bribe, and threaten” is starting to take over my discipline toolbox. Green leaves are going to save me soon, right?


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