Delurking for Moms Rising

Cat says it is (or was) delurking day, so it must be true.

So, delurk already! For every commenter on this post—whether you’re a lurker or a regular commenter—I’ll donate $1 to Moms Rising. Come on, friends—make me whip out a twenty.

And if you’ve got a second while you’re in that comments screen, let me know how on earth you found me and whether you’d come along if I moved this to Typepad or WordPress.


9 thoughts on “Delurking for Moms Rising

  1. I found you via Ana’s blog and liked the cut of your gib. Or your writing. I’ll keep reading as long as I can get a feed.

  2. Delurk! I may have commented once, but I’m not sure. I found you via Eva’s blog I think. I added you to my reader b/c I liked what I saw.

  3. What a fun idea!

    You know, I honestly have no idea how I found your blog, but I am so glad I did.

    Move wherever you like! I like WordPress.

  4. hiya! i think i found you through brooklyngirl a while back– either a link or a comment. i’ll follow you where you go!

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