A just left for a three-day conference someplace sunny.

He travels a fair amount for work-related things, and I’d become sort of an expert on handling it with one kid. And I’ve been feeling uncharacteristically calm and sane recently. So I hadn’t anticipated his leaving would really rattle me this time. But the last few days have whapped me in the head, and my parting words to him this afternoon were something like this:

We’ll be (sniff) fine. I (sob) h-h-hope you (sniff) have a r-really good (sniff) trip, and (sob) get lots of (sniff) sleep (sob, sob sob).

We will be fine. This is always the worst part of him being gone: the very beginning, when I still have the whole thing in front of me to dread.


2 thoughts on “Jealous

  1. Oh, you poor thing. My husband is going out of town this week, too, and I’m not thrilled, and I just have one relatively easy toddler. Well, you’ll get through it! Wonderfully, I’m sure.

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