Pollyanna Throws Down The Gauntlet

At the moment:

I’m glad one of the pumpkins we’ve been growing looks like it will make it ‘til Halloween.

I’m glad the needs of a newborn and a 2-year-old are so different from one another (nurse-a-thon and upper body workout vs. intense mental-emotional strategy); each feels like a break from the other.

I’m glad my brown corduroy skirt—the largest of my non-maternity clothes—fits again.

I’m glad my maternity clothes don’t all have “maternity clothes” stamped across the front, because I’m still pretty much wearing them all the time.

I’m glad that our parent/toddler classes are starting up again.

I’m glad that I followed my gut and scolded the boy who intentionally stepped on Ingrid’s hand at the playground the other day, even though the kid’s dad was standing right there and did nothing but weakly chide, Say you’re sorry…

I’m glad that I’ve met so many other moms in the past year, I’m starting to run into people I know almost every time we go to the park.

I’m glad Ingrid is sleeping. I’m glad I was able to stay so calm as she whined and whined and whined her way through the morning.

I’m glad I seem to have lost my Dr. Sears Baby Book.

I’m glad fall is coming.

How about you?


3 thoughts on “Pollyanna Throws Down The Gauntlet

  1. I’m glad I bought the baby some new Little People toys off Craigslist because they, along with a box of raisins, are apparently endlessly entertaining.

    I’m glad you are able to see some things brightly. 🙂 Isn’t it fun to see mommy friends?

  2. I’m glad my newborn is easier than my toddler!! So many folks blame my malaise on the new kid, but really it is the toddler testing me. And he’s actually pretty easy going – it is just that he’s a toddler. sigh.

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