Worse than an Easter egg?

A couple of weeks ago, while I was carrying the Monkey in the backpack and getting a few little things done around the house, I ran across a half full little (capped) bottle of breast milk. It had been in the diaper bag (sent with her back from the babysitter’s) since the night before, so I would have just thrown it out. But the Monkey is fascinated with milk in bottles and so, thinking it would buy me a few more minutes of peaceful backpack time, I handed it up to her and continued to putter around the house and the backyard.

When I took her out of the backpack, I realized she no longer had the bottle. I’ve looked everywhere and not found the thing.

So if you’re curious about what happens to breast milk after long periods at room temperature and above, stay tuned. I’m sure we’ll find it one day.


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