Time Theft

What I’ve done since 1 p.m.:

  • Eaten lunch at a quiet place all by myself, while reading this book.
  • Wandered around Target looking for a basket to contain small items in the dishwasher. Did you know they keep them in the baby bottle section?
  • Came home, sent the babysitter away, and put Monkey down for a nap.
  • Finally bought some of these on line, despite qualms about plastic product near boobs (my bra is part polyester anyway, right?)

What I should have done since 1 p.m.:

  • Eaten hummus and pita at my desk.
  • Started new and daunting project at work.
  • Come home in time to accomplish unsavory tasks (e.g. dispose of two roadkill bunnies found right next our car this morning) before Monkey woke up from nap.

Ah, well. Six of one, half a dozen of the other, right? Now I will write for a while, drink iced tea, and find my dad a fathers’ day gift. And, oh shit! find my husband a fathers’ day gift! instead of beginning the daunting work project, dealing with the bunnies, doing situps, and mopping the kitchen floor.


One thought on “Time Theft

  1. It sounds like a lovely afternoon. I think I’m the only person on planet earth that didn’t like Lily Padz (I must have done something wrong…they always leaked).

    Lunch at a quiet place all by yourself? This is my fantasy.

    ~Brooklyn Girl

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