Clearing My Throat

I so want to write here again. But it’s been AGES! And my whole life is different and is anyone even still out there? And what would this be, then…a post-infertility mom blog with junk about running and garding and poetry and such thrown in? And would I tell my real life friends (some of whom have great blogs of their own that are a big part of what’s made me want to come back here) about it, and if so would I delete previous posts with overmuch mention of my private parts?

These are questions to ponder while I squander naptime chuckling over the funny toddler moments in {i}Waiting for Birdy[/i] instead of editing the thing I need to edit for work, or unloading the dishwasher, or pulling out all the rude little millkweed plants that are encroaching on my iris and rhubarb. For now, I’ll think about these things. In the meantime, is anyone there?


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