Hi, ovaries. Hope you’re ok in there.

Someday I’ll tell the story of meeting my RE.

For now, let me just report that I am at last wearing the red jersey, and that tomorrow I will go for my first baseline ultrasound. In other words, a technician will be taking a peek at my ovaries and uterine lining so that the RE, sitting at his enormous desk, can scrawl something in my chart to tell the nurse how much Clomid to tell me to take this cycle, and for how long.

It occurred to me Saturday morning as I lay in bed that this could be kind of awkward. I mean, assuming the exam position on the second day of my period. Ew.

But, obviously, there are more important things in the world to worry about.

Like whether the ultrasound technician might pan the camera around my abdomen, do a double-take, and ask me gently, “Has anyone ever told you you don’t have any ovaries?”


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